College Graduate: Marketing
Self-taught: photographer, designer, blogger
(thank you books, internet, and trial & error)
I'm a learner, and I'll figure out how to do whatever I set my mind on. (see above statement)
I'm a sister and an aunt (by marriage).
I am impetuous . This is what my husband tells me at least. What can I say? I know what I want.
I'm secretly competitiveBoard games, spoons... ask my family. They'll tell you.
I'm an introvert  that loves quality time or alone time,
but definitely not wasting time--
it's just too precious. 
I'm a wife to a six-foot-nine, up for any challenge, does what ever it takes, business owning, spiritual leader, stud of a husband. 
I'm a stay-at-home, work-at-home mother to three beautiful children. Two boys, one girl. They teach me about grace & becoming a better person every day. 
 I am a Christ-followerHe is the way, the truth, and the life. The Lord gets all of the glory for the blessings in my life.  I have been transformed.   
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