What to Wear to a Boudoir Photo Shoot?


Your options for outfits are not limited to just a bra and panties!  Feel free to get creative. In fact, I encourage it! 


Some ideas to get you thinking: A short silky robe, a corset style bra with matching panties, a sports jersey, your husband’s button down, cute cutoff shorts, swim wear, a tank top and bikini cut panties, a leather jacket, a shirt that falls off the shoulder, an oversized sweater, etc.  Don’t forget about heels, jewelry & props!  Bring props that are personal to who you are.  Some examples are cowgirl boots, guitar, tie, jewelry, hat, books, an apple, etc. 


Checklist of what to bring:

• Your outfits

• Your Props

• High heels (nude or black pumps work well for any outfit)

• Make-up for any touch-ups (maybe some red lipstick!?)

• Back-up outfits (just in case!)

• Payment



Hair & Body Prep for a Boudoir Photo Shoot


Moisturize with lotion, but avoid over using self-tanners. Make sure to shave your underarms and legs, and also use clear deodorant if possible. It’s okay to go a little heavier on your make-up than you normally would (i.e darker eyeliner, mascara, fake eyelashes) because it photographs well. Have your nails freshly manicured. Wear your hair however you’d like (professionally done is always a great option). However, it’s very likely I will mess it up a bit for a not-so-perfect look! 


Nervous for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot?


It is completely normal to feel nervous, everyone does! This is meant to be an experience that speaks to your unique beauty. 


Photo shoots are relaxed and laid back. 

The main goal is to have fun!