Photography & Design | Website Launch

This website and blog of mine has been a long time coming! It's been designed and redesigned numerous times, but I've finally decided on a direction... for now that is. I gave myself a publish date deadline and vowed to make it go live regardless if it was completely finished or not. Don't be surprised if it evolves over time.

Let's start at the (kind of) beginning, shall we? You might have read a few things about me on the "Lindze" section of my website. If so, then you know that I went to school for marketing, but along the way I became a self-taught designer, photographer and blogger. Oh, and entreprenuer, like my husband. #proudwife One thing kind of led to the next, and I had this skill set that wasn't being put to use. I didn't really know what I needed to do about all of it, but I knew I needed to do something!


Earlier this year, during a January church service, I recieved a word that I just couldn't shake. Transformation. Very broad and vague, but at the same time very life changing. And although I am watching that "word" be played out in numerous parts of my life, this part --- my personal "brand" and website launch is one of the main areas of focus at this time. Putting myself "out there" more is a goal just as much as a transformation, so I'm happy to do it. Here's to many changes ahead -- personal & professional growth, learning, adapting, ajusting, living, and transforming!