6 Tips to Get the Best Vacation Photos | Lifestyle Photography

Spring break was the perfect time to put on my lifestyle photographer hat and snap some memorable pictures of my family. We opted for a mini-road trip to Branson, Missouri in lieu of a longer drive elsewhere. Because we live so close to Branson, MO we've been to most of the fun attractions several times. No, this trip wasn't about the destination. For us, it was about, well... us. Quality time and relaxation.

In order to retell the special moments of a rather normal get-away, I chose to document the trip by focusing my photography on telling the story of moments that DID make this trip so special for us. Not group pictures of us posing in front of every building we visited. We've seen those a hundred times. I'm talking about photographing the details. Lounging in the condo. Bubble baths in the giant jacuzzi tub -- I was always fond of this as a child myself. Listening to the "river" from out balcony patio. Sweet sibling moments. The terribly hard couch in the living room. Reading our library books that we brought from home. Baby wearing like a pro. Each little thing... Well, almost.


My best tips for memorable vacation lifestyle photography are:

1. Less posing, more natural/cadid moments (lounging on floor watching cartoons).

2. See the trip through your child's eyes. Get on their level to take your pictures, it makes for interesting angles and perspective.

3. Anticipate special moments (such as siblings snuggling in bed) & encourage them to continue happening.

4. Make sure the photographer (you) gets in some pictures too. If you are brave, let your kiddos become the photographer once or twice. (Probably ask the oldest child...)

5. Take pictures of architecture you encounter that is specific to the area your are visiting. You can only have so many pictures of the family. :)

6. Don't go overboard. Put the camera down, retire the photographer job on occassion and join in on the fun.

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