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Inspiring Wedding Resources | Wedding Photography Springfield, MO

Rows and rows of beautiful books containing seemingly endless amounts of wisdom and inspiration. Tables of quiet people -- reading, studying, dreaming. And then there's my toddler, stomping his feet heavily on the carpeted floor as he runs up and down the aisles at our local library. The madness lasts for about 10 minutes as I frantically search for a few books for myself before we parade our party over to the children's section. Yes, I'm that Mom. And sorry I'm not sorry.

The modern day approach to wedding planning goes a little something like this... Pinterest. Okay, and maybe a few google searches and a few magazines. With that said, there is still something so, gosh, what's the word? Wonderful. Something so wonderful about a good ol' fashioned book. To me, they are a one-stop-shop for education and inspiration.

I've been checking out books about wedding photography, wedding planning and pretty much anything wedding related, in preparation for an upcoming Missouri wedding. And guess what? Not only is the wedding photography (and inspiration) superb, but the actual wedding planning advice is equally top notch. I thought they were worth sharing for all of the researching brides out there.

These wedding books are my favorites so far:

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Stylish Weddings

This book is perfect for the hands-on, crafty bride who is looking to put her own personal touches (or ideas) on the decor for the wedding. It's full of several DIY ideas and tutorials. The wedding photography of the details is beautiful as well.

The Rustic Wedding Handbook

Although it's specific to a certain style, if rustic is your cup of tea then this is a great go to book for you. Full of styling and shopping tips, plus a handful of DIYs.

Elegant Weddings

Wow! This book is incredible! Stunning wedding photography, excellent graphic design & layout and incredible wedding planning advice. What more could a person want!? Any bride, regardless of her style, would benefit from reading this book. I'd have to say this one is my favorite!

The Complete Vintage Wedding Guide

Do you feel like you should have been born in the 1930's? 50's? If that's you, and you want your wedding to be a reflection of times from the past then check out this wedding guide for sure. They even have a tutorial on how to accomplish the famous "beehive"... cool, right? And all of the photos have a fun, retro vibe.

The Bridal Bible

I think the name says it all. Everything you need to know about weddings is included in this book. It's VERY thourough and informative. I would say that this book is written more to educate, rather than inspire. The photography is a bit lack luster, but you can't beat the knowlege and wisdom within the pages! Plus, there is a whole section with tips for choosing the a wedding photographer!

The Inspired Wedding

Not sure what you want your wedding theme to be just yet? This book will give you a few ideas. It covers seven different theme ideas, and they all are completely different! I was in a wedding similar to the one that starts on page 55... You'll have to check it out to see!

Like I mentioned, I found all of these books at our local library and there were plenty more! I just couldn't carry them all and manage my noisy little crazies!

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