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Andy B's Bowling | Lifestyle Photography Springfield, MO

Rain over the holiday weekend didn't keep us from having some family fun. We did a number of things including a trip to Toy R' Us, a night at Incredible Pizza, and a few hours of bowling at Andy B's on Battlefield! More often than less, I try to leave my camera behind so that I can be present during our family adventures. However, since this was the first time my youngest son had ever been bowling I deemed it worthy of a lifestyle photography session and packed my camera in the diaper bag.

To say the boys loved it would be a complete understatement. They couldn't get enough! We could barely get them to sit down for lunch. Lunch was fabulous by the way. I know, you're thinking at the bowling alley? Yes, at the bowling alley. It was so so good! The kids mac 'n cheese? Gourmet. I was a bit jealous.

All in all, it was the perfect experience for our little family... and maybe even yours? I'm so glad I brought my camera to document the fun!

Between the fishing lifestyle photography session and the bowling session... can you tell we love quality time together?

Photography Bonus: I loved the challenge of the bowling alley lighting! Great practice for those tricky low light situations.

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