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One of my most popular inquiries these days is boudoir photography, and specifically bridal boudoir photography. Good for you, ladies! Oddly enough, my website doesn't really have samples of my boudoir photography work on display. I guess a married, mom of three, photographer like myself is probably a safe bet for creating a comfortable environment and delivering tasteful images.

Boudoir photography is gaining momentum partly because women want to surprise their men, but also because they want to validate to themselves that they are beautiful and attractive.

Putting a little effort into the preparation of your bridal boudoir photo shoot will result in photos that are just that -- beautiful and attractive. It's a lot like getting ready for a first date. You plan your outfit, shave your legs, polish your nails, and spend an extensive amount of time perfecting your hair and make-up.


Brides like to have trial run throughs of the wedding day, and I can't say I blame them. I did it, and I would recommend it. Especially if you can set it up like this:

Trial hair. Trial make-up. Trial wedding bouquet. Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot.

Side note: The veil, garter, flowers, wedding shoes, and wedding jewelry all make for great photo shoot props.

Smart, huh? It takes a little bit of coordinating between the different vendors and service providers, but can make for a very FUN and efficient day. Having your hair and make-up professionally done photographs so well. Plus, order an album and you can check groom's gift off of the wedding to-do list!

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