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Fingers were crossed, prayers were sent up that the rain would hold off. It rained consistently the week leading up to the wedding leaving the ground soggy and a bit of uncertainty if the event would be able to go forth as planned. The wedding was set to take place outdoors in a beautiful, transformed wooded area on a relative's property in Branson, Missouri.

Stormie was determined. Hopeful.

Family and friends worked passionately finishing up the final touches.

Bits of sunshine and a slightly humid breeze lingered throughout the day, but the clouds and cool air rolled in just before the ceremony commenced. That is, until the couple recieved communion. Upon returning to the alter, the most beautiful rays of sunshine broke through the trees and illuminated the bride and groom. It was nothing less than a divine, miracoulous moment leaving many in awe, tearful and blessed.

Their reception followed at Westgate Woods in Branson, Missouri.

Stormie + Levi,

Thank you for letting me be the wedding photographer for your wedding day. Before the first look, I asked Levi if he was nervous, he replied "No, I'm not really nervous. We've been best friends forever -- now we really get to be best friends." I wish you a marriage of (best) friendship, love, laughter and many blessing!



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