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Brittany + Schuyler Elopement | Springfield, MO Wedding Photography

One Sunday evening, in a living room that belongs to close family friends, two beautiful people became one.


It was a Thursday afternoon, and I was chatting with my Mom as I drove around Springfield doing errands. I updated her on the silly things my boys were doing, the new milestones my daughter had reached, and the photography projects that I was in the middle of. That's when I heard another call coming in.

"I need a favor. Have you heard the update on Schuyler and Brittany? Well, they are eloping in my living room this weekend. Can you be there to take their wedding photos?"

The elopement was prompted upon hearing medical tests results. Brittany needed immediate treatment for stage 4 lymphoma cancer. The two were already planning a wedding for the end of July, but decided to officially get married as soon as possible, so they could enjoy some time together on a honeymoon before proceeding with treatment.

Three days later, I stood in my friend's bedroom where the bride and her friends and family were prepping for the ceremony. Brittany's hair was perfectly styled, and the finishing touches of her makeup were being applied. Donated wedding dresses lined the perimeter of the room and a sweet bouquet of sunflowers sat on the vanity counter.

Downstairs, the living room furniture had been removed, tucked away in the basement. Clean, white chairs filled the space, instead. Enough for the closest family and friends who could attend on such short notice. The decor was minimal, yet perfect. A wooden "C" rested on the window sill, centered between two lantern-topped barrels. Wooden tree stumps lined the aisle, and a sweet sign that read "The best is yet to come" rested against exposed brick near the stairwell.

People worked vigorously in the nearby kitchen prepping food for after the ceremony. Drinks, cake and even more dessert were setup in the dining room. All the essentials were accounted for. Music. Even a live video feed for those who could not attend.

The day was a successful labor of love for two people who are truly in love.

In love and committed to the journey ahead. Faithful and hopeful.

Brittany and Schuyler had their second wedding celebration as originally planned, but even better -- covered with God's provision through many generous, giving people. Read more about Brittany's story here.

To see more images of this special day, check out their wedding photography gallery.

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