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Blakely + 9 Months | Family Lifestyle Photography | Springfield, MO

I was feeling rather ambitious one Wednesday morning. Only one kid for 4 hours, plenty of time to accomplish my agenda for the day. I loaded up the back of my vehicle. Photography props, photography equipment (tripod, lenses, 2 cameras), 3 extra outfits (realllllly ambitious, I know), accessories. Baby in car seat, and we were off.

About halfway to my photography location, I called my Mom and confessed my overly optimistic plan for the day. Capture video, take my daughter's 9 month photos, location scout for an upcoming shoot -- oh yeah, and all by myself. Cray-to-the-z.

Reality panned out in lieu of my optimism. I did, however, accomplish all of my plans. Just on a much, much smaller scale then I had hoped for. Turns out 9 monthers are needy, who knew?

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