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Growth & Storytelling: An update from LMPD

My kids are growing, and my business is growing. I'm still working on keeping my plants alive, but hey, you just can't do it all!

With each new year comes a period of reflection and planning. I spent the month of January doing just that! I'm very grateful for the individuals, families, couples and businesses that allowed me to be a part of their lives in 2015. There is so much to be thankful for! What I love the most about being a photographer is becoming connected to people and learning their stories. Everyone has a story! A truly amazing testimony of God's healing power has been told through this couple. I photographed their elopement after the bride was told she had stage 4 lymphoma cancer. Would you believe that she is completely healed now? She is!

Some clients are telling stories before they can even say a sentence! I love documenting little ones reaching milestones like this young lady's first birthday...

My own baby girl turned one as well!

And lastly, businesses are choosing to show more of their work place culture with a lifestyle photography approach.

And this was just a small fraction of the fun. Throughout the year, I have invested back into my business with new equipment, software and even a few photography workshops. All of that to say, I'm excited for the next season ahead and evolving with what has been established. What to Expect from me? Be watching for changes on my website, specifically with my blog. Most photographers post images from their photo shoots and call it a day. Although I love showing off my wonderful clients, I have more to say! Especially since prior to creating LMPD, I was exclusively a blogger. Topics such as Balancing Work & Family (since I'm a stay-at-home mom running a business), Photography Talk (tips, advice, ideas), and Personal Stories (so you can get to know me better). In addition to the website changes, I'm offering a new "no-fuss" photography package that will ensure that you never let another year go by without sending holiday cards or documenting special occasions. More on that soon! Current clients (and newsletter subscribers) will have first dibs on scheduling, so make sure you stay tuned for those details! So, here's to more growth and more stories in 2016! Do you have a story to tell?

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