Family Lifestyle Photography | Playroom Fun

Sometimes I have to remind myself that my children desire my presence. It doesn't really matter what we do, they just want me near. Watching. Interacting. Listening. I don't have to plan a trip to the park or an elaborate craft project for my children to have a good time. They are so creative all on their own! In fact, when I leave the entertaining up to them they usually do just fine.

So, sometimes I give myself a break from the whole "be a spectacular, planning, doing kind of mom" pressure, and I just sit in the playroom and watch them. Or in my case, photograph them!

Kasen found his way to an old Halloween costume and quickly took on the superhero role. Blakely grabbed her baby and took on the nurturing role. Such a joy to watch them play. These are the memories that I will hold dear for years to come, so I'm trying really hard to photograph my family and not just my clients.