Samantha & Zach's Wedding | Highland Springs | Wedding Photographer Springfield, MO

The entire time I was editing these wedding photos I kept thinking I should text the bride to remind her of how beautiful she was on her wedding day. Her smile, that dress! My goodness! This wedding took place in April at Highland Springs Country club, right outside of Springfield, MO.

Samantha and Zach are quite the pair -- easy going, playful, happy -- and their special day was so memorable. Tons of fun and sweet moments were had by their family and friends -- including a special drummer appearance, honoring an anniversary, funny & touching toasts, dancing, and an overall good time!


My favorite part about being a wedding photographer is watching all parts of the day unfold, and then retelling the beautiful story, sharing the thoughtful details and candid moments.

Preparation, anticipation and joy!

Praise the Lord for a beautiful, sunny ceremony!

Cheesecakes and the most adorable bride & groom chocolate covered strawberries!

Samantha's cousin got to step in as drummer for a few songs with the band, Brookline Station. How awesome are they for letting him do that!? He did great, by the way!

You know it's a fun wedding reception when this happens!

Such a beautiful day... and night! Congrats again, guys! I was honored to be your wedding photographer and enjoyed every minute of it! More brides and grooms just like you two, please! :)