Lightroom Presets for Increased Productivity

Somewhere along the way I have learned that in order to grow my business and still have time for myself and my family, I have to find ways to maximize productivity. The hours I have for work now are still the same hours that I had before, but by developing a better workflow I am able to accomplish much, much more.

Editing has ALWAYS been my bottleneck. I have sort of a love hate relationship with editing. On one hand, I love it because I can enhance my images and make them look THAT much better. On the other hand, I hate it because 1.) I spend way to much time editing because I obsess over my photos and getting them juuuuust right. AND 2.) Editing can take some time, and it's just a matter of powering through it. Similar to doing chores that aren't your favorites, such as doing the dishes or folding laundry. However, I still don't quite want to outsource to an editing service just yet.

I've purchased a few lightroom presets and workflows from various providers before, but I quickly realized that while they were great for creating certain styles, none of them quite reflected the style I was going for. I found myself back in the same place as I was before, doing all of the editing manually. That is, until I used the Sleeklens Strike a Pose Workflow. Sleeklens provides editing tools for both photoshop and lightroom. Since I do a majority of my initial editing in lightroom, I chose the lightroom workflow option.


They are stackable presets, meaning that you can apply more than one to an image. Many other presets do not work this way, and only allow you to apply one or another. I love this stackable option because I am able to utilize the presets in a way that make them more in line with my style.

This set also comes with a ton of really awesome brushes, which I found I use the most out of everything offered. These are great for correcting specific areas of the image, rather than apply the setting to the entire image. I find this most useful for editing the face and skin.


This is Rorry, a beautiful, unique senior that I had a blast hanging out with. This girl plays lacrosse AND the ukulele. She plans to go to school for music therapy. Pretty awesome, right!?


Used: 2-Exposure- Brighten, 4-Tone/Tint - Summer Ten, 3- Color Correct - Reduce Yellows,

6- Vignette - Black Heavy


Used: 4-Tone/Tint - SUMMER TEN, Additional Sharpening


Used: 4- Tone/Tint - Summer Ten, Brushes: Skin - Subtle Smooth Skin, Face - Brighten Eyes, Face - Enhance Catchlights, Face - Add Shine to Lips

***This is an example of where I used several of the brush presets!


I'm in love with the flexibility of the Strike a Pose workflow set. For this specific session, I gravitated towards the 4-Tone/Tint - Summer Ten option because it added a sunny warmth that I was going for with this outdoor spring shoot.

I actually enjoyed editing while testing these presets out, and I'm pretty excited to keep using them. I would definitely recommend the Strike A Pose Portrait Workflow presets if you are like me and are looking for ways to increase your productivity when it comes to editing!

*Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are genuine, truthful and are based on my use of the product. The client in the images received them as seen in the edited photos above.