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Five Years.

I've been gifted 5 years of getting to know the sweetest, most curious little kid. I love this boy with all my heart. He's my middle. We've always had a special bond. I sometimes wonder if it comes from my desire to help him to not feel lost in the middle or if it's simply because he's awesome.

He loves to be outside. Nature seems to be his element, normally without shoes and a small creature in hand. He's fearless when it comes to capturing critters. In fact, earlier this year he was bit in the belly by a turtle. Turns out you should hold them with their heads facing away from your body.

His focus is on point when it comes to creating. I wonder if that's some of me in him? He loves to build, and his attention to detail is impressive. Big brother even humbly gives him credit in this skill set.

He's a great leader. That comes from his Dad. He leads with kindness and patience.

He's also sensitive. He doesn't like to make mistakes, hurt feelings or disappoint, and he's hard on himself if any of these happen. But with that comes a thoughtful, loving side. He is always thinking of others and is not afraid to show it.

He loves his siblings. He'd do just about anything to get his big brother's attention. It's apparent that he looks up to him.

Five looks really good on my growing boy. Here is to a blessed, adventurous year ahead!

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